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Terms and Conditions
Please read the following terms and conditions.

We will need to contact you. Under data protection and our own confidentiality rules we need your permission to do this.

If you provide a postal address, telephone number or email address we will contact you using those details and identify ourselves as the CAB and leave a message including details of your enquiry when necessary.

**** Data Protection Act 1998 ****

In order to help you we need to maintain a record of your case, which may contain sensitive personal data. The law says we must get your consent to do this. Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially.

Sensitive personal data is defined as information relating to any of the following: racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, health, sexuality or sex life, offences and/or convictions.

For the purposes of the Act the Data Controller is Shepway Citizens Advice Bureau.

    We will contact you by email.

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    Monitoring Information

    The CAB service aims to provide equal opportunities and fair treatment for all people regardless of race, sex, disability, sexual identity or marital status.

    In order to achieve these aims we have a policy of monitoring certain information relating to our clients. Please help us by completing the following questions.

    All information on this form is confidential
    Monitoring information will only be used for statistics
    If you choose not to answer the following questions it will not affect your case

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